Registration & Events


Registration for the 2018 Cornell DanceSport Classic is now live!

Due to technical issues with O2CM, registration for the CDC will take place via Google Survey until further notice.

Once O2CM is back up and running, teams and individuals who registered through Google will NOT be required to re-register. The CDC committee will use the Google info to register into O2CM and will email you a confirmation.


Early registration ($35) closes September 18th.

Regular registration ($45) closes October 2nd.

Late registration ($50) closes October 12th.

If there are problems with your registration, or if you have any questions, please contact us with the subject line “Registration.”

*11:59 pm deadline of each date

Directions for O2CM Registration

1. Create a representative account on o2cm for your entire team.  All registration will take place under one account, and purchasing competition passes will also happen here.

2. On Step 1, enter the account holder’s name, and in the “Studio” box, please enter the name of your school/other affiliation.

3. On Step 2, you can create profiles for each member of your team.  A partnership is defined as a lead and a follow, and any two people can dance together.  For example, if competitors A (lead) and B (follow) are dancing together for Bronze Standard/Smooth, and competitors A (lead) and C (follow) are dancing together for Bronze Latin/Rhythm, then you can create the profiles for competitors A, B, and C, while defining A as the lead for both partnerships and B and C as follows for the respective partnerships.

4. On Step 3, you may register for the appropriate events.  On the drop-down menus, please select “Amateur” > “Open (All Ages)” > [Newcomer/Bronze/etc.].  When you select the events you want to register for, please click each event and click “Add Couple to Events” for each event.  Repeat this step for all partnerships on your team.

5. On Step 4, please confirm that all entries are accurate for each couple (this window changes depending on which partnership is defined in Step 2).

6. On Step 5, you may purchase competition passes for each member of your team. Please note that a $5 double registration fee is assessed for this competition.  This means that if you intend on dancing two levels of the same dance (i.e Silver/Gold Standard), you must purchase the “DOUBLE” version of the registration pass.  On the drop-down menus, please select [Ticket Type] > “competitor” > “1,2,3,4,5” > “1” > [Competitor Name].

7. On Step 6 and the Summary, please take note of your balance and ensure that everything is accurate.

That’s all!  Your team is now registered for the Cornell DanceSport Classic!  If any other concerns arise, please do not hesitate to contact us at



W: Waltz // T: Tango // F: Foxtrot // Vw: Viennese Walts // Q: Quickstep // C: Cha cha // R: Rumba // Sw: Swing // J: Jive // M: Mambo // B: Bolero // P: Paso Doble // S: Samba


To submit a request for a TBA, fill out the form below. Please fill out a request only once you have already registered.

To search the list of submitted requests, click here!

Once a pair has been matched, please email us at to notify us of the pairing and to remove the individuals from the list.


Registration can be paid for ahead of through O2CM, Venmo, or snail mail. We will also accept payment the day-of in cash or check form.

Venmo payments can be made payable to @CornellDanceSport. Please include the date of payment (mm/dd/yy) as well as the email of who registered.

Please make the checks payable to “Cornell Ballroom Dance.”

Please mail checks to:

Attn: CDC 2018
Cornell DanceSport
Willard Straight Hall Box 24
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

Please either:

1) include with the check a list of the competitors that are paid for with said check and email with subject line “CDC 2018 Payment Check Sent”


2) email with subject line “CDC 2018 Payment Check Sent” and include the competitor list and check number in the body.